Thanks to them we can get the best of the OWL

OWL provides a unique opportunity for companies and brands to promote themselves to over a thousand students who are new to Leiden and the Netherlands. Our diverse range of promotional options includes visual promotion with your logo on our welcome bags and volunteer shirts, advertisements in our app, and social media posts, among others.

If you’re interested in promoting your brand to our participants, we encourage you to contact our Commissioner of Partners & Acquisitions, Vince Enthoven. He can provide you with a detailed prospectus and promotion plan for your brand, as well as answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to working with you and promoting your brand to our enthusiastic participants.

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AON student insurance is quick and easy, covering health, travel, and your stay in the Netherlands!


University Sports Centre

The University Sports Centre offers more than 70 sports and group classes for a great student membership! You can join some free courses such as pole fitness, book tennis courts, and much more. You can acquire a discounted membership in your registration form for OWL or use a special discount to sign up yourself during the week!



During the OWL online registration you will be offered the option of buying a LeidsePas discount card. This card will help you discover Leiden even on a (tight) student budget. With the LeidsePas you will receive discounts up to 50% at over 150 different venues in Leiden!

Societies & student associations

Leiden houses the most clubs and societies of all the student cities in The Netherlands . They vary from student fraternities, sports clubs, study associations to internationally oriented associations and religious associations. During the OWL we will be organising an “infomarket” where many of these organisations will present themselves on a fair.

The two main internationally oriented associations are ESN and Leiden United:

  • ESN Leiden is part of the larger Erasmus Student Network (ESN) organisation and is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe. ESN Leiden organizes events, hosts a mentor programme, provides information for international students relating to their study period in Leiden and has many clubs for every kind of hobby! During the OWL week you will get to know ESN. Want to know more already? Visit ESN.
  • Leiden United is about meeting students from all over the world and making life-long friendships! It is an initiative for both Dutch students as well as international students. Leiden United forms mixed groups of Dutch and international students, with which you will attend dinners at the big student associations of Leiden and do plenty of other activities. For more information please visit the Leiden United website.
  • LGBT+ Network Leiden University:
    • The LGBT+ Network fosters solidarity within the LGBT+ community with lectures, debates, drinks, film evenings, and other activities. Everyone linked to the University is welcome to attend these events. Besides students, who are generally not shy about taking part in these activities, the network is also there expressly for staff and alumni. It is not necessary to be a member.  Website
  • Het Duivelsei:
    • Do you like to play tabletop-, board-, card- and video games and are you studying at Leiden University? Then LSSV Het Duivelsei is the perfect student association for you! With a members fee of €60, they are one of the cheapest student associations in Leiden. Only staying here for six months? They have a special price for exchange students who are only interested in joining for half a year: simply half the price (€30)! Check their website.
  • AEGEE-Leiden:
    • AEGEE-Leiden is the European Students’ Association of Leiden. AEGEE is the biggest student association in Europe, covering 200 cities in 40 countries and uniting 13,000 students. They focus on cultural exchange, active citizenship, and higher education. As a member of AEGEE-Leiden, (which you can become for only €50,- a year!), you are a member of the entire European network. This means that you can apply for all activities that are organized by any AEGEE-local in Europe, of which the Summer Universities are the best example. In Leiden, they also have a wide range of activities: parties, lectures, and a social drink on Tuesdays.
      For more information, please check: Facebook AEGEE Leiden or their website: AEGEE Leiden
  • SIB:
    • SIB Leiden is an organization that focuses on international relations. They organize international dinner parties, movie nights, lectures, and forums. Each year they organize several trips abroad. The organization is partially composed of theme groups, each with a different focus. For example, they have groups that focus on development issues or international organizations and groups that focus on specific continents. Many of the activities are in English and international students pay half the annual membership. Check their website for more information.
  • At Leiden University, you can practice a large number of sports, both on a recreational and a competitive basis. If you are interested in a specific sport, you can join a sports club as well. Student sports clubs are easily found on the website of the University Sports Centre. This is a perfect combination of sports, meeting new people, and engaging in fun (activities)! You can find sports clubs for 19 different sports, so there is enough to choose from!
  • Student fraternities are typical for Dutch student cities and especially in Leiden. Most of them are accessible to foreign students. The largest fraternities are LSV Minerva, LVVS Augustinus, ALSV Quintus, VSL Catena, and SSR-Leiden. You can read more general information on this webpage: Student Fraternities Leiden.
  • Every study department has its own student association. They offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities that are study-related; think of guest lecturers or symposia. Study associations offer book sales as well, most of them with a discount! Furthermore, most study associations organize parties and social activities, like trips and movie nights. Examples of study associations are Labyrint for Psychology, JFV Grotius for Law, and BIL for Public Administration.
  • The two largest religious communities in the Netherlands are Protestants and Catholics. Third on this list is the Muslim community. This is especially true in the bigger cities. A wide range of different religious centers (churches, mosques, and a synagogue) can be found in Leiden and the surrounding areas. If you want to know more, please check out the university’s religious organizations page. It provides information about services and religious student associations.
  • Radiate Leiden: Radiate is the student group of the International Church of Leiden. They meet every week to have dinner together and afterward have a Bible study or a social night. They also offer mentorships with adults from our church, Alpha courses (to understand the basics of Christianity), and opportunities to volunteer in different areas. You’re welcome to join at ICL on Sundays or Radiate on Tuesdays.

LeidsePas Discount Card

During the OWL online registration you will be offered the option of buying a LeidsePas discount card. This card will help you discover Leiden even on a (tight) student budget. With the LeidsePas you will receive discounts up to 50% at over 150 different venues in Leiden!

  • Discounts at shops with books, bikes & accessories, clothes, shoes, etc.
  • Discount on beer at various bars
  • Up to 50% off the museums entry fees
  • Reduced prices at a wide range of restaurants
  • Reduced membership fees for a vast amount of gyms
  • Valid until July 1st 2025
  • And much, much more…

Make sure you order through OWL and not the website to get the discount!!
For OWL we have a special offer, only valid for OWL Week Participants:
A LeidsePas for €19,95

The card can be purchased during online registration for the OWL and picked up during the week. You will be informed on details.