International Student Network (ISN)

ISN is the International Student Network, which belongs to its mother organization ESN. They welcome every international minded student/person by making them feel at home away from home. The ESNcard gives you discounts on a local, national and international level and you can get one for only €8,-! In Leiden you get several discounts with all our local partners and ISNLeiden events and trips! Your card will be valid for 1 year, so even if you do not stay in Leiden you have many discounts all over in Europe. For more information on offers and on the ESNcard click on this link:

The ESNcard can be picked up at our Common Room (Kaiserstraat 25, 2311GN) during OWL week:

  • Tuesday: 12h-19h
  • Wednesday: 12h-15:30h
  • Thursday: 12h-19h
  • Friday: 12h-19h

To contact ISN you can email: