Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

ESN is the Erasmus Student Network, which is a Europe-wide organisation based in 42 countries. They welcome every internationally minded student/person by making them feel at home away from home under the principle of “students helping students”. The ESNcard gives you discounts on a local, national and international level and you can get one for only €12,-! In Leiden you get several discounts with all our local partners and ESN leiden’s events and trips! Your ESNcard will be valid for 1 year, so even if you do not stay in Leiden you can still enjoy many discounts all over in Europe. For more information on offers and on the ESNcard click on this link:

The ESNcard can be picked up at our Common Room (Kaiserstraat 25, 2311GN) during OWL week:

  • Tuesday: 12h-19h
  • Wednesday: 12h-15:30h
  • Thursday: 12h-19h
  • Friday: 12h-19h

To contact ESN you can email: