Guides & Crew

OWL would be nothing without its volunteers. Being a volunteer for OWL means lots of fun in an amazing team of Dutch and international students.


As a guide you will guide a group of new students during their first days in Leiden. You are the one that knows all “inside information” about student life in Leiden, and will enthusiastically share your experiences with the new students. The big perks of being a guide include the friendships that you will form with students from all around the world, and the fact that you can join every part of the diverse programme. Being an OWL Guide means 4 days of great fun, but of course this task also comes with responsibilities. We ask you to be available the full duration of the programme. This investment will be rewarded with awesome new friends. Many guides of previous years are still in good contact with their “OWLies” and have continued to meet up after OWL.


We try our best to put two guides on each group. In the registration form you can give your preference for who you would like to partner up with. However, no guarantees can be made here, because if we happen to have too few guides, we might be obliged to have only one guide per group. So make sure to spread the word and to convince all your friends to be guides, so we have enough!

Online or offline

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of the programme will likely be online. This is good news for the guides, because that means you can even guide a group if you are not in The Netherlands or Leiden! For those students who are able to come to Leiden, however, we try our best to include some physical programme parts. In the guide registration form you can tell us whether you would be available for these physical activities. If not, that is no problem, then you will get a fully online group.

The Hague guides

Since a part of Leiden University is located in The Hague, we are also looking for guides who are familiar with The Hague, to be able to guide the students of that campus as good as possible. As a The Hague guide you will also participate in the full 4-day programme, but on Wednesday HOP has prepared a special The Hague day for you and your groups.

Sign up as guide here!


As crew you are the driving force behind OWL. You work closely together with the board by for example setting up and breaking down events, handing out bags, checking tickets, etc. This year your tasks may also include assisting in our online events. Crew tasks are very varied, there is something for everyone to like. You will get to work in an amazing team of international and Dutch volunteers, who will soon become your friends. You get an insight in the backstage part of the OWL organisation. Being crew is ideal for people that cannot/do not want to dedicate their full week to OWL, because you can sign up for as many shifts as you like (ranging from just a few hours to the whole week). Of course your work will also be rewarded with awesome new friends, lots of goodies and OWL merch, and our eternal gratitude.

Crew sign-ups are closed. Consider signing up as guide instead!

We need you!

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still working really hard to make OWL 2021 as good as possible, and we can say with certainty that there will be an OWL. In which form, however, is still subject to change. Realistically, the majority of the programme will have to be done online. We are working hard to include some safe physical programme parts within the current restrictions. But whatever the programme looks like, we will definitely still need both Guides and Crew.