Crew for Summer OWL 2020

Become Crew

We are looking for crewmembers for the SUMMER OWL 2020!

Would you like to help make the OWL an unforgettable experience for new international students? Are you internationally orientated, social and would you like to be part of the best group of OWL? Then this is the perfect opportunity for you!


The crew will have the most important job: to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible amidst the COVID-19 crisis. These are difficult times, and we are seeking crewmembers who are willing to take on this challenge. One of the advantages of being crew is that you don’t have to be available every day of the week, but you will still be able to participate. You are free to choose from several shifts and you can join in activities throughout the week free of charge!


During the week (24-28th August) we have different crew options, so you can choose what you like, or even combine them! 

  • Organizing crew: Our most important team is the organizing crew. If you’d like to be our behind-the-scenes ‘secret hand’ by helping out on locations. Register for the organizing crew!
  • Media crew: are you interested in photography and own a good camera? Then sign up for media crew and take photos during the OWL week at different locations.
  • Game crew: we will also organize several mini-games throughout the week for the groups, but we need quizmasters for that. If you’re interested in facilitating games, counting points and interacting with a lot of participants, sign up for the game crew!!


  • Spend time with an enthusiastic group of people,
  • Join unique and fun activities,
  • Expand your social network,
  • Practice your languages,
  • Bond with the people behind the scenes.

If you want to help out as crew, sign up here!

If you have further questions, please contact Konrád, our Commissioner Guides and Crew, via

Also, please check out our facebook and instagram pages to stay updated.


Stay safe and healthy!