Night’s Watch 2019

Are you a night owl?


Become a member of the Night’s Watch and watch over the USC, which will be transformed into a dorm where approximately 150 participants can stay during the OWL. This is offered to enable students who have not yet arranged for housing themselves or whose housing contract starts later, to participate in the OWL week. Therefore, the OWL Committee offers these participants a safe haven with simple facilities and breakfast every morning. Throughout the week, the dorm will be overseen by 5 members of the Night’s Watch and the person in charge, the head of the Night’s Watch.


The Summer OWL Dorm opens on Sunday, August 25th and closes on Saturday, August 31st and operates under the supervision of the Head of the Night’s Watch. As a member of the Night’s Watch you are responsible for the safety and well- being of the participants staying in your dorm. This means you make sure everyone sticks to the dorm rules, keep watch while they sleep and ensure everyone is alright.

To prepare you for this job, you will receive further instructions before the start of the OWL.  You can be on duty for max. 2 nights, meaning you can pick no more than 2 shifts. The earlier you sign up, the better your chances are on landing the shifts you prefer!


As a member of the Night’s Watch, you:

  • Pick your own shifts during the week (max. 2)
    • Approximate times: 20:00-09:00
  • Receive a special wristband which grants you participation in all activities when you are not on duty
  • Receive a volunteers’ fee of 50€ for each shift you work
  • Dinner, drinks, breakfast and snacks are included when you work a shift
  • Have access to a private Night’s Watch room at USC
  • Spend time with an enthusiastic group of ambitious and internationally oriented people
  • Expand your social network

Applications for Night’s Watch are now closed! If you still want to help out as crew please contact Danae at