Besides OWL what are other options?

**If you start your studies in February, there is only the option of OWL. If you take your studies in The Hague you can still join; Although most of the week is geared towards Leiden, there will be a faculty morning in The Hague and there will be a special programme part in The Hague. We consider the introduction to Leiden University and the Netherlands in general, and the chance to meet people, useful to everyone, regardless your location of study.**



The OWL is for all international students who are new to Leiden University and are taking (the majority of their courses) in Leiden. This includes all Masters’ students,  people who are here to take Bachelor courses or who are only doing an exchange semester.

There are some groups of students who would “qualify” to attend more than one of the Introduction Week:

International students who are starting a complete (international)Bachelor in Leiden.
Because you are an international student you are invited to join OWL, as it gives you a more extensive introduction to the Netherlands, Leiden and the university. On the other hand you are also a student who is starting a full Bachelor at Leiden University so you might be interested in joining the EL CID. The EL CID is the introduction programme for all new Bachelor students to Leiden University and this programme, in Dutch, is more focused on submerging into Dutch student life, including visiting the student associations.

Dutch Master students who are new to Leiden and are doing an international Masters’.
As you are Dutch, not all parts of the OWL are relevant to you, but the OWL gives you a thorough introduction to Leiden and the University. It is also great way to already meet the people you might be attending classes with. Participants of the OWL are for the most part not first year students just starting their Academic career so this means the average age of our students is a bit higher and the focus of the week is varied and focuses on several aspects of student life. The El CId might be more suited if you want to get the full immersion into Leiden Student life and don’t mind that the average age of participants is a bit lower.

Students with dual nationality, including Dutch.
Students with a Dutch nationality are usually automatically invited to join the El CID. If you are new to the Netherlands however, it might be useful to attend the OWL as part of the Orientation week is getting the participants settled in a new country.

Students attending their studies in Leiden but residing in The Hague.
For students who will be studying in Leiden but living in The Hague, it might be hard to decide which week to attend, HOP or OWL. We advise you to attend the week of the city where you will be studying. This week will include the faculty morning where you will be introduced to your faculty and during this week you can get to know the students you will be studying with.

We strongly advise you to participate in at least 1 of the Introduction Programmes, but you could also decide to join more than one, it depends on what you want to get out of your time in Leiden. In this FLOWCHART you can find a short description of the different introduction weeks, their dates and the contact information of each week at the bottom.