International Bachelor Students

International students who are starting a complete Bachelor in Leiden have kind of an unique position. 

Because you are an international on the one hand and a student who is starting a full Bachelor at Leiden University on the other, you have more than one option.

The OWL is for all international students, so this includes all Masters’ students,  people who are here to take Bachelor courses or who are only doing an exchange semester. Dutch Master students who are new to Leiden are also welcome to join the OWL

Most participants in OWL are not doing their full Bachelors’ here but there will be some who will. If you feel more comfortable getting a more extensive introduction to the Netherlands, Leiden and the university, and if you would like to meet other internationals, (Owl is including some fun social activities as well of course) you are very welcome to join the OWL.

As you are doing a full Bachelor you are also invited to join the El CID. The El Cid is the introduction programme for all new Bachelor students to Leiden University. This includes all the regular Dutch Bachelor students which is why the programme is in Dutch. (you would get an English speaking mentor and be in a group with other internationals) 

If you want to meet Dutch students and submerge in Dutch student life, (including visiting the student associations and enjoying a bit more of the Leiden social life) the El CID caters to that.

We strongly advise you  to participate in at least 1 of the Introduction Programmes, but you could also decide to join both, it depends on what you want to get out of your time in Leiden. If you are interested in joining the El Cid you can contact the EL CID at