Who said owls don't sleep?

If you haven’t found accommodation yet or your housing contract only starts on the 1st of September, we have a relatively cheap option for you for to stay at during the OWL: it is possible to make use of the special Night Dorm that we set up for participants of the OWL Week. During the OWL we transform 2 of the Sports halls at the USC (University Sports Centre) into dormitories. We have room for approx. 150 students.
The Dorm is only available for OWL participants and it is non-refundable.
A booked spot in the Dorm is also non-transferable: all bookings are final and only to be used by the booker: we will check I.D.s

When you sign up for participating in the OWL, you will also have the opportunity to tick the box for the Dorm, so you can book a place to stay at the Dorm during OWL. Later, you’ll receive a link through which you can pay. Please do not tick the box unless you’re sure that you want a place at the Dorm.
Once you receive the link it is valid for a limited time. If you don’t sign up before the deadline stated in the invitation, the sign up- link will expire. We will remove your data from the dorm list and offer the place to someone else.This is because we do not take reservations and it is on a first come first served basis.

The USC is located about a 10 minute walk from Leiden Central Station and about 20 minutes from the city centre. You can also opt for a bike (the OWL has a bike sale on Tuesday during the OWL).

You can safely store your (large) luggage and put smaller items in free lockers for easy access. During the day the dorms will be closed except for supervised openings at fixed times so your stuff is safe.
During regular opening hours (7.30 am-11pm) the USC cafeteria will be open and available for drinks and snacks, which you can also pay for with your OWL tokens (on sale the whole week at several locations). At the USC free WiFi is available.

The price for the dorm is 60€, which includes 6 nights lodging (starting Sunday the 25th of August after 20.00), and a simple breakfast every morning.
The checkout from the dorm will be on Saturday, August 31st, by 10 am. (The rooms need to be empty by this time so the regular sports programme can resume). Registrants of the dorm are expected to bring their own air mattress and sleeping bag. We offer a limited amount of sleeping bags and air mattresses: a sleeping bag costs 12,50€ and an air mattress 10€. You can find the dorm registration and air-mattress/sleeping bag options on the Dorm registration/payment form. If you ticked the Dorm box on the general OWL registration form we will send you the link to this Dorm-sign up form. The air-mattress/sleeping bag you pre-order will be waiting for you at the dorm.
The Dorm can only be booked online in advance for the whole week. If you need a place for fewer nights you can report to the Coordination Team at the start of the OWL. They will be able to tell you if there is room available.

A group of capable and well-trained crew (Night Watch) will guard your safety during the nights.
If you have any doubts or questions, check our FAQ’s or send an email to

Night Dorm

  • Limited offer: First come first served!
  • Sunday 25th August, from 20.00hrs- Saturday 31st of August, till 10.00hrs (6 nights): 60€
  • Simple breakfast included
  • Professionaly trained Night Watch crew available at all times to help you
  • Free wifi, luggage storage and lockers
  • Snacks and drinks available until 11 pm at the USC bar, also available with OWL tokens.
  • You can pre-order a sleeping bag for 12,50€ and an air mattress for 10€