Bike Sale

Get your bike during the OWL!

During the Winter OWL, you will have the opportunity to get your very first Dutch bike! Apart from buying a bike you can also choose to lease a bike. Below you can find information on our esteemed partner EasyFiets, a bike lease company.They lease second-hand bikes for the short term (1 to 6 months) or long term (12+ months).  

 Lease a Bike: EasyFiets

EasyFiets offers full-service bike lease, which includes a bike of any shape or size, fully equipped with a lock and lights. Additionally, all maintenance and repairs are free of charge! Check out our website for more information and to make reservations.  

Shortlease includes:
€40,- + €10,- per month, € 40,- deposit   
Lights, lock and reinforced steel chain included   
Free repairs and replacements 
Discount on all rental (=non-lease) bikes 

Optional extra’s (bags or basket)   
Optional Theft insurance (€10,-)    

Longlease includes:  
€ 9,- per month, € 40,- deposit 
Lights and lock included
Free repairs and replacements
Same extra’s & options as Shortlease. 
Discount on all rental (=non-lease) bikes 

Optional extra’s (steel chain, bags or basket)