Bike Sale

Get your bike during the OWL!

During the Winter OWL, you will have the opportunity to get your very first Dutch bike! Apart from buying a bike you can also choose to lease a bike. Below you can find information on our esteemed partner EasyFiets, a bike lease company.They lease second-hand bikes for the short term (1 to 6 months) or long term (12+ months).  

 Lease a Bike: EasyFiets ————–Looking for a bike in Leiden?

At EasyFiets we can provide you with just the thing you need: a nice bike without the costly repairs. Small or big, back pedal brakes or handbrakes. We will help you find the suitable bike for you.

Problems with your bike? Come to our shop and we fix it. For free. Within 15 minutes, 7 days a week. If our red seats don’t make us stand out, our service will.

We have two types of bikes. Dutch backpedal bikes for €9 per month and premium bikes with handbrakes and gears for €12 a month. There are two leasing options: Short Lease and Long Lease.

Short Lease (less than a year)
€36 starting fee
€9 or €12 for every month
Free Chain
Optional theft insurance

Long Lease (1 year or more)
No starting fee
€9 or €12 per month
Pay up front or optional monthly payment (Dutch bank account required)
Chain €10

We also provide our customers with information about cycling in Leiden and pretty much anything bike related. On top of that we give our customers a 20% discount on all rental (=non-lease) bikes for when you have friends or family visiting.

So come see us at the bike ‘sale’ on monday! We will be the ones in the red shirts ;).